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Suboxone Treatment 

AZ Healthy Clinic is proud to offer low-cost

Suboxone Treatment for those struggling with

an opioid use disorder in the communities of Phoenix, AZ.

Medication-Assisted Treatment with Suboxone is proven to reduce or in some cases completely eliminate symptoms of craving and withdrawal. 

Suboxone treatment allows individuals to reclaim their life by finding stability and putting an end to the endless chase that comes with opioid addiction. 

It's no secret that opioid use disorders have increased drastically within the United States. AZ Healthy Clinic is proud to offer this life-saving treatment to those who want to escape the grasp of opioid addiction. 

Suboxone contains the medications known as

Buprenorphine and Naloxone.

Buprenorphine is a partial-opioid-agonist that works on the brain differently than other opioids by binding to only about half of the opioid brain receptors. 

Visit Fees

  • Initial Visit with Examination: $250 

  • Monthly Visit Fee: $60 ​​

Benefits of Suboxone 

  • Substantially reduce or eliminate withdrawals and cravings. 

  • Begin to lead a productive life and leave behind the chase of opioids. 

  • Have the ability to hold down a job, go back to school, or care for your family in a way they deserve.

  • Our Suboxone treatment appointments have low monthly costs compared to other facilities that offer the same treatment. 

  • Suboxone can help remove you from the negative influences and lifestyle that come along with illicit drug use. 

  • Stop risking your freedom due to addiction.

  • Reduces your risk of contracting HIV or HEP-C due to IV drug use..